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Blackview BV5800 Enterprise Rugged Smartphone


Budget Rugged Smartphone with NFC. Durable Cost Effective Smartphone

One of the primary reasons that Lead Managers to consider a Rugged Smartphone is the durability it can ensure.

For example, if we compare a consumer smartphone, we can appreciate its design, weight, size and performance. But we have to deal with the endemic weakness of these devices.

The reality is that a consumer smartphone is generally not protected from dust, debris, liquids. They can be damaged after a simple fall, pressure or changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore the Blackview BV5800 is an indestructible smartphone designed according to military standards

BV5800 is built for enterprise and each key point address the needs of managers and companies. Read on to see how BV5800's ruggedness, built-in security, long battery life and other features makes BV5800 a sturdy workhorse.

Rugged for Reduced Cost of Ownership

Rugged devices should meet technical standards for durability. BV5800 is IP68 certified. This superior IP rating suggests complete protection from dust, drop, water and protection. For example, you could accidentally hose water onto the BV5800 via a steam jet found in construction sites and it will be alright. BV5800 include MIL-STD-810G spec and IP68 certification. These certification are developed by the Department of Defense for military-grade testing. MIL-SPEC defines the survivability of devices under the harshest conditions.

The design also incorporates using Corning Gorilla Glass v3 which is not only chemically strengthened — its atomic configuration is formulated so that the glass is more durable, fundamentally tougher and more damage resistant.

The rugged smartphone represents a next step forward for mobile devices. You can use it anywhere, anytime, anyplace without having to worry. This reduces the total cost of ownership as it reduces repairs and replacements. It also reduces down time and lost productivity due to staff having spoiled devices.

Battery Life to Re-use One Device Across Shifts

Whether it’s on the factory floor or out on a job in the field, battery life is a perennial “most important” criteria for business users of mobile devices. The battery compartment of the Blackview BV5800 can count on a capacity equal to 5580 mAh. Up to 600 hours in Standby mode, up to 18 hours in video reproductions, up to 12 hours in gaming mode, up to 45 hours in audio reproductions, up to 40 hours of telephone communications.

In addition to having a large battery, the Blackview BV5800 allows you to fully recharge the battery in a short 3 hours, thanks to the doubled voltage of 5V/2A.

For companies this means that you can use the phone for 2 shifts with a full charge there after. Being able to share devices will reduce total cost of ownership as less devices need to be purchased.

Security for Enterprise Apps

Every smartphone ought to have built-in security that enhances the work-life balance. Biometric sensors security is one of the hot topics of technology today. As our phones increasingly contain a lot of sensitive information. For this reason, Blackview has implemented both a biometric facial reader and fingerprints sensor flex allow you to access your smartphone in seconds safely and simply.

The Google Play EMM API is available to developers registered for the EMM community and supports the app management requirements for Android’s enterprise solution sets

Camera for Pictures or Barcode Scanning

Many enterprise apps need pictures as proof of work done or for defect reporting. The 13MP main camera with fast focusing technique allows for clear pictures to be taken in all situations. It also has independent ISP processing for visibly lesser noise and enhanced dynamic range.

it allows quick scanning of barcodes for inventory apps thus replacing manual input. Improvements on accuracy and time saved are seen with barcode scanning applications.

Expandable Memory for Picture Storage

Another key feature, BV5800 delivers 2GB internal RAM 16GB ROM plus up to 128GB of Max TF Card Capacity. MicroSD support (Uses SIM 2 Slot). This makes it suitable for high-intensity data applications and provides expandable computing power while employees are out of the office.

NFC for Attendance, Guard Tour or Inventory Apps

NFC has made its way into enterprise apps. Examples are for Guard Tour apps where security Guards use it to track their patrols. Another example could be attendance tracking via RFID identity cards.

One of the strengths of NFC is the simplicity of use and great security in transmitting files or data among employees or managers and much more. A simple tap is all it takes to activate the use case.

BV5800 comes with NFC always on to enable these use cases.

Long Term Support from Google

With Google adding more restrictions on non Google Certified devices, it is important for IT Managers to ensure that their devices are google certified. Non Google Certified devices cannot install apps from Google Play Store and also face difficulties with compatibility with Mobile Device Management software.

For long term support, BV5800 is installed with Android 8.1 and BV5800 is also Google Certified. Google Play Protect Certification consist of baseline protection against malware, privacy hacks, automatic virus scanning and Find My Device.

1.5 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage offer the right balance between performance and price. After all, why pay more for higher RAM and Speed that will only show a significant difference for games?

BV5800 Specifications

  • Dimension : 156.9mm x 78.5mm x 15.5mm

  • Weight : 253g

  • Battery : 5580mAh, Li-ion Polymer Talk Time About 40hWeb-surfing. About 12h HD Video-playing

  • CPU : MT6739 1.5GHz Quad-core

  • Memory : 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM ( TF 128GB)

  • Display : 5.5” HD+ IPS 18:9

  • OS : Android 8.1 Oreo

  • Camera : SONY IMX134 13.0MP Dual Rear Camera | 8.0MP Front Camera

  • Network

    2G : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
    3G : WCDMA B1/5/8
    4G : FDD-LTE B1/3/7/8/20;TDD: B40

  • SIM Card :

    Dual SIM Card, Dual Standby, One Talk
    Micro SIM Card, a Micro SIM Card, TF Card

  • NOTE

    * The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifcations and assembly tolerance.
    * The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning, please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions.

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